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Demi Lovato Accused Of Slamming Korean Boyband BTS With Xenophobic Quotes In Savage Fake Tweets

The Internet can sometimes be a very dangerous place. Things can be taken out of context and 'fake news' can even be spread with people thinking it's genuine. Sadly for Demi Lovato, some fake news about her has spread recently and it appeared to show her making xenophobic comments about K-pop band BTS. > Demi Lovato Posts Heart-Breaking Before And After Snaps Of Her Recovery From Eating Disorder The tweets were shared by a number of different accounts and seemingly were only created to stir up beef between Demi and the lads.Thankfully most fans realised the many of the pictures which were being shared alonsgisde the images were taken from previous appearances on red carpets and the quotes were completely made up. One of the fake quotes read, '“I think that this is the AMERICAN music awards, and we should only celebrate AMERICAN artists tonight. Is there even going to be a translator?” -Demi Lovato on #BTS performance at this year’s #AMAs #BTSxAMAs'This year's American Music Awards saw BTS peform at the ceremony for the first time ever and given their considerable popularity on social media, it created quite the media frenzy. Demi also performed at the awards show and used her time in the spotlight to share a strong message about anti-bullying, so xenophobic quotes would've been the last thing she'd expect to see on social media afterwards. BTS could even be seen enjoying Demi's performance of 'Sorry Not Sorry' during the show, so there's clearly no beef here guys...

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Finn Wolfhard's Rock Band Just Got Signed By A Record Label & His Fans Are Losing All Chill

Is there anything the kid can't do?! Because being one of the main characters in the world's most popular TV show isn't enough, Finn Wolfhard has now bagged a record deal with his Vancouver based four-piece 'Calpurina'. > Mad About 'Stranger Things'? Time To Download Our App & Take Your Stanning To A Whole New Level The 14 year old previously told Dazed that he wants to release a whole album sometime soon and it looks like his dream might finally come true; “I love 80s and 90s music - I love Nirvana, Joy Division and New Order – older alternative, I guess. There’s a scene where they use ‘Atmosphere’ by Joy Division. Charlie Heaton’s character is crying. It’s perfect.”Working with three of his pals from Vancouver, the actor is ready to get his tracks recorded and to start releasing them into the world. In a statement about the band, Finn wrote... "It is so sweet that we have such a good team at Royal Mountain Records. I love everyone on it. I’m extremely excited to record our EP with Cadien Lake James. Not only is he in one of my favourite bands of all time, and recorded some of my favourite songs, but he is also the sweetest guy ever. Thanks everyone so much who helped us out along the way, it means the world. ❤" > Sophie Turner Defends 'Stranger Things' Star Finn Wolfhard After A Fan Slams Him For Being "Rude" Finn's fans are already stanning over the possibility of hearing 'Calpurina''s new tunes!

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Selena Gomez & Marshmello - 'Wolves'

The Queen is back and looking as gorgeous as ever in her new video. Anything Selena Gomez touches, turns into gold. So, when she dropped her collaboration 'Wolves' with Marshmello, started counting the minutes until she premiered the music video. And it is finally here! > Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Share A Steamy Kiss At An Ice Rink Confirming That #Jelena Is 100% BackThe video stars Selena Gomez mainly rolling around the floor in a local swimming pool changing room. We'll be honest, we're not sure it's not the most hygienic of moves but Sel makes it look good obviously. > If You're A Die-Hard #Selenator, You NEED To Download Our App...Like Now The collaboration had already spent a whole month in the Official Big Top 40 breaking into the top 10 with ease. Check it out... Selena Gomez watched Bieber play hockey & our hearts about to burst.

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Matt Terry Hits Back At Trolls Who Body Shamed Him In An Inspiring Instagram Post

Wise words, Mr Terry! Body shaming is never cool, but Matt Terry had the perfect response to the trolls when he was in the firing line over people criticising his weight during a his X Factor performance over the weekend. #CapitalJBB 2017 - Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, The Chainsmokers & More Confirmed For The Jingle Bell Ball Line Up! After his beautiful performance on the show, Matt woke up to some trolls commenting on his social media and body shaming him, but he took to Instagram to post a video of himself in just the same shirt and his pants to hit back. He posted, “Here we go... I wondered when something like this would happen. So I woke up this morning after my incredible night back at the show to body shaming. I wanted to do a little post to let my fans know that honestly I’m fine. “I love you guys for standing tall and backing me. You are one hell of a fandom. Here’s me, this morning with last nights shirt in my pants... As far as my body, I’ve always been built, always been that stone heavier than my friends and brothers but guess what I’m HAPPY. “I think it’s easy to forget that not everyone is as confident as they’d like to be, not everyone is happy with themselves but do me a favour and LOVE yourself. Everybody deserves to be loved and don’t let negative people stand in your way. Alright?!� “Sometimes cameras and lighting aren’t your best mates, and everyone is entitled to their opinion but my advice would be choose your words carefully. It doesn’t take much to break a person. Luckily I’m strong and positive and maaaan are there some positives from last night!!! “The Thing About Love my new single I wrote with some incredible pals jumped up over 60 places on iTunes last night and we are currently at #19. My debut album trouble is currently at #2 for pre-order!! (MENTAL). I was reunited with all my XF family and judges and I had a smashing time !!! Now… HAPPY SUNDAY and I cannot wait for my roast dinner.” We couldn’t have said it better – and Matt, we reckon you look great!

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Kem And Amber Could Be Walking Down The Aisle…But Not Anytime Soon

Amber’s hoping for a ring in the not too far future though. Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies won our hearts on this year’s Love Island when they became the winners of the ITVBe series and the pair have been growing stronger ever since. Love Island’s Alex Bowen Just Got A HUGE Tattoo Of GF Olivia Buckland On His Leg & Wow! Showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon it seems like the young couple have been planning their future together which involves a wedding and tiny little Kembers when they ‘feel like it’s right’ of course. Gushing about the ‘Little Bit Leave It’ singer, Amber told OK!: “Kem is a sensible boy and I know there’s no way a proposal is coming anytime soon.” “But if Kem proposed, I couldn’t say no, because I know that I want to be with him and I know that I’m in love with him. “I would have to say yes. But it’s not happening any time soon! Give it two years.”The 21-year-old who is keen on doing things the way her parents did- marriage first before kids- added: “We still need to do the stuff at the beginning of a relationship, otherwise you might as well retire, get married and have grandchildren in the next 18 months!” Ah, young love. Bless ‘em.

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Forbes’ Richest Women In Music 2017 Have Been Revealed & The Top One Wins By A MILE

Total #GirlBosses, the lot of ‘em. We all know the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are pretty big players in the world of music, but these ladies have just been named the top three highest earning female stars in music 2017! Beyoncé Fans Are 100% Certain Her New Braids Have A Secret Meaning & We're So Here For It Yep, Beyoncé (obvs) topped the Forbes charts with a humungous $105million earnings in the past year, absolutely leaving the competition in the dust, with her closest rival Adele earning only(!) $69million. Tay Tay came in at third with less than half of Queen Bey’s earnings at $44million, which – let’s be honest – we would definitely not turn our noses up at either! The full list of Forbes’ highest earning female musicians 2017 is: Beyonce - $105million Adele - $69million Taylor Swift - $44million Celine Dion - $42million Jennifer Lopez - $38million Dolly Parton - $37million Rihanna - $36million Britney Spears - $34million Katy Perry - $33million Barbara Streisand - $30million According to Forbes, the figures are pre-tax income between June 2016/17 and don’t count fees taken by agents, managers and lawyers – but even so, you can pretty much guarantee these ladies got a PREEEETY big take home salary at the end of it. Nope, we’re not jealous at all… (OK, maybe a LITTLE bit).

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This Pony’s Face After Meeting Beyonce Is Actually Our Mood

This pony couldn't believe its luck. Let's face it, this pony is most of us. Beyoncé Fans Are 100% Certain Her New Braids Have A Secret Meaning & We're So Here For It So incase you missed it (no, seriously where have you been?), last week Thursday Serena Williams got married to her Reddit co-founder bae, Alexis Ohanian, and all the celebs showed up and showed out at the star-studded event. Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Ciara to Jay-Z turned up but one guest that was the star of the show obviously was Beyonce. Because, Beyonce. And let’s face it, meeting Queen Bey is a pretty big deal by any standards so we can totally understand this pony’s disbelief at not only meeting the 'Shining' singer but getting to be blessed with her presence as she posed for a pic on the hilariously startled carousel pony. The pony was shooketh.

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Forbes’ Richest Women In Music 2017 Have Been Revealed & The Top One Wins By A MILE

Justin Bieber swooped in quickly so why not Katy eh? Just after we've gotten over the fact that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez quietly split up and Sel is now back with her former ex Justin Bieber again, we get this! That's right, The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye and a certain Katy Perry have been pictured heading to an Italian restaurant together for dinner in West Hollywood. > Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Share A Steamy Kiss At An Ice Rink Confirming That #Jelena Is 100% Back Katy arrived fifteen minutes after The Weeknd but that didn't manage to fool the onlooking paps who quickly figured out what was happening. According to reports, fellow restaurant goers revealed that the pair sat and ate dinner together and appeared to enjoy each others company before heading home separately at midnight.Fans were pretty split on whether they wanted Katy and The Weeknd to be dating and it sounds like many people would love for them to be discussing a collab! Could that happen in the near future maybe? Or are we actually looking at the biggest new couple in celebland?

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